Gang Structure

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Gang Structure

Each gang has their own structure. Members are usually males from 13

to 28 years old, but police are also seeing female subsets of existing

gangs. Gangs are not restricted to only youths from disadvantaged and

low income areas: many middle and upper class youths are also involved

in gang activity ( In

addition, gangs are not just comprised of African-American youths;

gang members represent all racial and ethnic groups. Some gang members

may also have relatives that belong to the gang.

The head of a gang is called the leader. The leader is responsible for

running the gang. The leader of a gang determines the day to day

activities and what goes on.

Beneath the leader are the “hardcore gang members”. The hardcore gang

members are usually older members. They are responsible for recruiting

new members and keeping the other members in line using fearful

tactics ( The hardcore gang

members are at high risk of being involved for life. These members

basically care about nothing besides the gang. About 10 percent of the

gang is composed of these criminals.

Following the hardcore gang members are the associate gang members.

Associate gang members generally make a personal commitment to the

gang culture. They work really hard in the gang so they could achieve

the hardcore gang member status (

Next in procession is the fringe gang member. The fringe gang member

is a part of the gang but they have not made a commitment to a life in

the criminal gang culture (

They may either leave the gang or end up becoming a hard core member.

This type of member drifts in and out of the gang and seems to lack

direction in life.

Wanna-be gang members are not actual gang members.
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