Gandhi's Change

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Throughout history, societies have had troubles due to religion, war and racism. From within each society or religion there are those who have fought for the correct and moral solution for the entire people. One person who fit these ideals and tried to make life great and equal for the many people in his home was Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi lived a very interesting life and moved to create equality throughout the country of India and the world. Gandhi was born in 1869 in the current Indian State of Gujarat. Gandhi’s family was originally merchants but had risen in importance through political positions. Gandhi’s childhood was mostly guided by the religious beliefs of his mother and close friends of his father. All of these people influenced Gandhi’s life to be towards nonviolence and equality. He was married to his wife at the age of 13, a woman by the name of Kasturba. Gandhi first left India in 1888 to become a lawyer in England. He would then return to India in 1891 and, following disappointment in legal practice, would leave for South Africa in 1893, staying there for 21 years. In South Africa Gandhi acquired political skills and became a well-known political leader. Gandhi’s returned to India Gandhi observed that many changes were already underway and that eventual independence from Britain would be required. The initial plan for his time in South Africa was only to be there working for 1 year, but upon the initial abuse for him being an Indian claiming British citizen rights, he would stay for 21 years, all along fighting for Indian rights. His time in South Africa would help him develop his political views and leadership skills, which he didn’t have at the time of his legal practice in India. Gandhi would experience ... ... middle of paper ... ...of equality.” His great change was possible from his great understanding of the world and “that human beings were necessarily interdependent, rose and fell together, and were born subject to nonrepayable debts.” Gandhi’s life is proof that one person can do amazing things, even if the one’s life starts out like any other regular life or even in worse conditions. Gandhi’s work should always serve as reason to live a good life and to be accepting and treat all others equally. Works Cited 1. "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Apr. 2014. Web. 06 May 2014. 2. Molloy, Michael. Experiencing the World's Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change. Boston: McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2008. Print. 3. Parekh, Bhikhu. Gandhi: A Brief Insight. New York: Sterling, 1997. Print. 4. The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2013. Print.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how gandhi understood his position and his current standing in the nation. he would meditate and reflect with his time of wait until he saw the opportune moment to for another major movement.
  • Opines that gandhi was wrong about the separation of pakistan from india when the freedom of india was realized. gandhi used his life as a reason to stop the fighting and arguments that were continuing to rise in their new nations.
  • Explains that molloy, michael, experiencing the world's religions: tradition, challenge, and change.
  • Describes mohandas gandhi as a person who fought for the right and moral solution for all people in his home.
  • Opines that gandhi's work and life-long message would change the lives of many and influence many more great men.
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