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In the beginning, there was light...or maybe not. Perhaps it was darkness only disturbed by a big bang. Maybe the beginning hasn’t even happened yet. Maybe there is nothing and this is all some big illusion. Scientists, philosophers, and humans in general have been asking, wondering these very things since the moment they were able to think for themselves. Galileo, one of the most renowned scientists in history, did not start out asking these questions. He started out asking questions like, “Why must doctors know everything?” This is because way back in the days - before he was anyone even vaguely important, he was studying to become a doctor. Though, considering his potential, it would not have been a total loss for the scientific community if he had become Doctor Galileo. The truth of the matter is that Galileo Galilei was one of the smartest, most important scientists ever to wonder about the paradox that is our universe.

The beginning - the big bang - for Galileo was on February 15th, 1564 in Pisa, Italy. He was a small, stocky baby with tufts of red hair. He was the oldest in an aristocratic family with average wealth. As he grew up, he aspired to joining the Church Order, but his parents hoped for him to become a medical doctor. Honoring his parents wishes, he was sent off to study medicine at Pisa University, but soon found that he had both a talent and passion for mathematics and philosophy. He soon gave up medicine and decided to follow his two passions. However, in 1585 a shortage of money resulted in him having to drop out of the university and tutor students in mathematics for four years. In 1589, he had a stroke of luck and was hired to lecture at Pisa where he stayed happily for three years. In his le...

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...shed his last work, “Dialogue Concerning Two New Sciences,” (a book concerning mechanics) in Germany because he was no longer allowed to publish any of his work in his home country of Italy. In 1638, he went blind, and four years later, on January 8th, 1642, he passed away. He was seventy-seven years old. Though he is dead and gone, his legacy still lives on. His name is one of the most common in the science community. He will never be truly and fully gone. The Big Bang is over, yes. It’s legacy is not gone, though. We are a part of the Big Bang - we were made from the Big Bang. How? Well - matter never disappears. It cannot be created or even destroyed. No - it only transforms.

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