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Management is your team backbone, the person who delegates and make sure assigned duties get completed correctly. I believe the management system is about the chain of command. The chain of command starts at the employee and works itself up the ladder. Management personnel have a tough job; they are the people that have to organize their duties plus employee duties for the day. They are the people that have to plan the meeting and much more. They are the people that have to lead their team and set a good example of how they want their employees to be. They are the people that have to be controlling when necessary.

I would like to start with the planning duty of management personnel. Planning is the process in which the management personnel agenda their assigned duties for their employee's as well as themselves. In order to be an effective manager you have to have the ability to have good and strategic plans. This is the beginning before you can call yourself a good manager.

Organization a good management system needs to be organized, and ready to go. If you as the manager want to run a successful team, you need to be organized. If you as a manager expect your team to be organized, then you as the manager need to lead by example. Organization to me is what falls next to planning. If you are organized, that means you have planned well. People expect managers to be organized, and know their plan of attack, and know what they are talking about when in meeting, seminars, and etc… I believe that organization is a major part of being in management, if you are not organized; you can not plan, lead, or control.

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Leading is what your job is all about. If you can not lead, you can not manage, and if you can not manage you have no job. I think that in order to be effective management, you must possess good leadership skills. In order to be an effective leader, you must know when to congratulate and disapline. You can not be afraid to make decisions, because you whole team works, and performs based on the decisions you make.

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