From Heartbreak To Acceptance: The Power Of Food

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One often forgets hunger is not the only reason for food. In an essay by Anthony Bourdain, he wrote “Food had power.” Food is much more that a solution to a rumbling stomach, it is a way into your soul. Many people find comfort in certain foods. I have found peace and acceptance. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. I have three brothers and I was the only girl. I went to a small town school and played sports. I would say I had a pretty normal life. That is until my parents divorced. At age eleven, I was being pulled in two different directions. My mother remained in our small town and my father moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My father decided it was best to divide the children in half. I ended up moving down south. I had never been outside of Pennsylvania. I assumed the rest of America was the same. The minute I stepped outside of the New Orleans airport, my hair immediately frizzed and curled. My body was drenched in sweat. I had never known humidity like this. As I toured the French Quarter with my family, the smell of sweet fried food and the sound of Jazz music overtook me....

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