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Pierson C. Meier Coach Moore AP Psychology 20 August 2017 Sigmund Freud Research Essay Sigmund Freud is often referred to the “Father of Psychoanalysis” but before this term was coined, he had an interesting childhood. He was born in 1856 in Freiburg, which today is located in the Czech Republic. His father’s name was Jacob and his mother was Amalie. When Freud was three he had left Freiburg and he had left everything he knew behind him, “ I have never gotten over the longing for my home” (Grubin). His original name was Sigismund Schlomo, and in 1877 he felt the need to change it to his name we know of Sigmund Freud (Psychologist World). In school, Freud was firstly interested in Biology and he attended medical school at the University of Vienna in 1873. He also conducted research under German scientist Ernst Brücke, who later studied neurology. In 1881 he had graduated and received his degree and shortly after he had gotten married, and had six healthy children. His job at the time was private practice on psychological disorders, which had fed him the knowledge he had learned (Thornton). In 1939 Freud was declared dead at the age of 83, before then he was struggling with illness and would often take morphine to calm himself down. When he had died he had a taken a deathly dose of morphine resulting in his death (Grubin). Freud at the time had many contributions to field of psychology after all; he was the Father of Psychoanalysis. Freud first contributed and elaborated off former ideas “Freud elaborated the theory that the mind is a complex energy-system, the structural investigation of which is the proper province of psychology” (Thornton). He came up with the idea of the consciousness and unconsciousness, and how the unconsci... ... middle of paper ... ...Simply Psychology, 1 Jan. 1970, Accessed 20 Aug. 2017. “The Curious Conundrum of Freud’s Persistent Influence.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 14 Aug. 2017, Sigmund&action=click&contentCollection=timestopics®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection. Accessed 20 Aug. 2017. Thornton, Stephen. “Sigmund Freud (1856—1939).” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, IEP, Accessed 20 Aug. 2017. Who was Sigmund Freud and how did his theories become so influential in psychology? “Sigmund Freud: The Man Who Revolutionized Psychology With Psychoanalysis.” Psychologist World, Accessed 20 Aug. 2017.

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