Fraternities And Sororities Case Study

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Colleges and Universities play a major role in developing the behavioral patterns of young adults. In addition to developing young minds, colleges help to cultivate character, responsibility, and social acceptable behavior. Students who attend Carlford have expressed their dissent with the current environment of the university. Because of these underling issues, Carlford’s retention rates amongst minorities have suffered. If Kirsten is unable to handle the situation, there will be a trickledown effect to all areas of the university. Being a new professional in the field of Higher Education can be challenge. There are times where an incident directly affects your position and there are other times where there issues that affect the entire institution. Because the issue directly pertains to Greek Life, the Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities has the responsibility of identifying the concerns and implementing initiatives that will allow the college to be proactive in future situations of this nature. Research shows that a student’s environment can have an influence on their behavior. Wagner and Davis (2010) stated that there has been a large amount of sexual assault and harassment cases in regards to individuals involved …show more content…

Because of this violation, the organization will be issued a cease and desist that will refrain them from participating in all intake activities. Using Developmental Ecology Theory I will allow John Seidelman to provide educational training to the members of the fraternity. This will allow the members to gain an understanding of their actions and create a dialogue that develops acceptance, respect, and tolerance for all individuals. In addition, I would work with Executive Director for the organization to release a press would mandate that the fraternity issue an apology to Casey Schimmelman and a statement to the

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