Franz Boas Father Of Anthropology

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Franz Boas (born in 1858) was a German born, American anthropologist that pioneered modern-day anthropology, he is known to many as the "Father of American Anthropology." From a very young age Boaswas interested in the natural sciences, but it was not until much later he discovered an interest in the history of culture. Slightly after receiving his doctoral degree (1881) in geology from the University of Kiel he went to Canada to conduct geographic research on Inuit migrations. Around the same time Boas introduced the idea of cultural relativism, the idea that cultures can’t be seen as better or worse than another. While a professor at Columbia University, he played a key role in organizing the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and forming the "four fields" concept in anthropology. Boas most important contributions to anthropology were studying the Inuit, introducing the idea of cultural relativism, and organizing the AAA.
During Boas’s trip to Canada to study the geological impact of Inuit migrations, Boas found that he was intrigued by their culture and began to take eth...
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