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Anthropology has made a positive impact in our society. It has remarkably shaped our languages, architectural structures, beliefs, and traditions. Our past has most definitely shaped our future. Anthropology has allowed us to study past cultures in order to gain perspective and develop a stronger society. Anthropology has impacted my life significantly, its different fields have helped understand a new culture and remain open minded to a new set of values. There are many branches of anthropology such as physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology. These fields have an immense impact on our daily lives and help us interact with others. Throughout the world, there are a plethora of different cultures…show more content…
In Ecuador, we generally spoke Spanish. However, when we immigrated to the United States, I learned English in school. Yet, I was still confused about certain terms. At times, there would be moments where an English word slightly resembled a Spanish word and I would assume it had the same definition when they did not. On the other hand, there were times where even though I lived in a predominantly Hispanic community some words in Spanish had a completely different meaning in their culture. I was very curious about the differences so once again I furthered my research. Linguistic anthropology allowed me to understand that there are a variety of different cultures throughout the world and each one of them has their own language or certain words that have a particular significance to them. Linguistic anthropology helped create communication skills in order to interact with everyone in…show more content…
Physical anthropology has uncovered the evolution humans and their development. Of course, this particular branch of anthropology applies to my life because I am able to see how much humanity has progressed. It is important to see how much humans have changed over time because it allows us not only to study our evolution but see how humans have adapted to different environments over time. The items that we used in the past to adapt to our environments are different from the ones that exist today in our society. The material culture of our society has significantly changed over the years. In my life, knowing our growth, development, and adaptation is vital because I migrated from Ecuador to the United States and it helps me see how I was able to adapt to the environment around me. It is important to further your knowledge in our evolution, development, and adaptation to be able to develop ideas and tools that can enhance our future in positive ways and help us progress. Anthropology itself and its different fields can change our lives

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