Frankenstein 5 Analysis

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The Frankenstein story is one of the most well known novels throughout the world. The original Frankenstein story was written as a gothic novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Mary was a short story writer, novelist and etc. Over the years the famous novel has been revised, and manipulated by other writers in order to express their own perspective and thoughts on how they felt the novel should have went. Interpreted Frankenstein novel writers include Sierra, Sergio A., Kumar Naresh, Brigit Viney and etc. In Frankenstein 5 (Graphic Novel #5) the setup, mood, and dialogue have both similar yet in some instances different qualities. In this scene the original Frankenstein story transitioned from day to night. As night fell a horrible storm rolled in changing Victor 's attitude completely. All his worries came back to him, realizing that he should of never let his guard down, he became cautious, in the end the monster surprised him and killed Elizabeth, making him realize that he can never be happy. However in the Frankenstein 5 (Graphic Novel) the setup is completely different, it takes place in his house, where he reassuring his father about the love between he and Elizabeth. It then goes on with him telling Elizabeth that he must travel to England for awhile, she accepts his request and he journeys on. The setup in these scenes are drastically different when…show more content…
In Frankenstein 5 Victor is quoted saying, “No, I do not. But I want to visit England before i get married.” In the remastered version it implies that Victor is aware that the beast will visit him, so instead he makes the first move, Though there are differences between the stories, similarities also occur such as character appearance. In both selections the they mention, Victor, Elizabeth, their father and
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