The True Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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When deciding who the true monster in Frankenstein is, one can point to the obvious and determine that it is Victor Frankenstein’s morbid creation (who commits murders), but when looking at the situation from both perspectives, the reader can deduce that the real monster is Victor. Despite the aforementioned murders, the creature was Victor’s responsibility, and the brilliant scientist decided to abandon him. This denial of affection greatly impacted Frankenstein’s creation because he had to forgo the trials of being an outcast of society ever since he was brought into the realm of the living. Victor Frankenstein is the true monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein because he heartlessly leaves his creation to suffer the strife of human discrimination.…show more content…
As the creation retells his life’s story he says, “I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend” (Shelley 69). Sadly, since Frankenstein left his creation to fend for himself, he had first-hand experience of the trifles of being an outsider to humanity. Victor is a monster because of this disconnect, had he actively sought to raise his creation or make him a companion, Victor may still have loved ones in his family and friends. On the Discussion Board, Danielle Johnston supports the idea of the creation killing Victor’s family as an act of retaliation as he states: “He wants to get back at Frankenstein for being the first person to show him what it feels like to be unaccepted and to be left alone.”
Even though murder is wrong, Victor mistreated his creation and in return, he got his just deserts which led to his mental demise. The mistreatment of Frankenstein’s monster occurs two-fold however, because not only was the creation abandoned, but he was left with a misshapen
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He did not plan in advance as to what he will do after his creation is complete. On the Discussion Board, Cecila Fuchu agrees that creating the monster made Frankenstein sick, as she sums, “Victor 's desire to attain the godlike power to create life became more powerful than ever. This situation led to the destruction of his arrogance and the sickness of his mind.” Victor worked tirelessly to achieve his goal at the cost of his social relations. Since he selfishly cut himself off from his relatives and most social contact, he became a reclusive individual who could not sit still without being overly anxious. The mental strain that he had placed upon himself over the years correlates with his disregard to his health. He is a monster because he knowingly destroyed himself, alongside the creation he gave
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