Frank Lloyd Wright Essay

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Beauty – it’s all around us. Some people may not realize it, but the beauty of this city is in the history of the buildings and its houses. Any native or visitor can see the charm of the Queen City, but how many people have ever stopped to wonder where the original designs came from? Who built the house of Buffalo? Without a great architect who was ahead of his time, Buffalo would just not be as charming as a city. Frank Lloyd Wright made great contributions to places all over the United States and even overseas. Buffalo is lucky enough to be home to several of Wright’s many designs and creations. Not only did Frank Lloyd Wright design houses, he was the architect of the Larkin Administration Building, which was his first major commercial commission ever to be built (Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex). The Darwin Martin House complex, the Graycliff Estate, a boathouse mausoleum on the Erie Basin Marina, and several private homes for Larkin Soap Company executives, were all built in Buffalo. These constructions were all of Wright’s designs that have contributed to the Buffalo landscape. While Wright has made an impact on Buffalo’s history and beautiful architecture, he has also made an impact all over the globe. From California to Tokyo, Frank Lloyd Wright and his designs are world renown. With several awards and different recognitions, he is arguably the greatest American architect of his time.
The people we are and people who we become are greatly influenced by our families. Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867 to parents, Anna Lloyd Wright and William Carey Wright. His father was a well-educated musician and composer and his mother was the daughter of a Unitarian preacher (Biography)...

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...ldings that create such a beautiful area. Buffalo is a charming city that has such a profound history. Whether a native or a tourist, anybody can see that history is all around the city, whether it is the houses or the buildings on the Erie Basin Marina. Frank Lloyd Wright has had such a huge contribution to the Queen City, from houses, to administrative buildings. Western New York has been graced by one of the greatest architects of all time, and the people of this great city should be proud of its history. Buffalo has one-of-a-kind designs that attract tourists from all over. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect who was ahead of his time. He won several awards and different recognitions all over the world for his phenomenal, and creative work. Buffalo’s architectural landscape has been forever embellished because of Frank Lloyd Wright and his innovative designs.
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