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Bauhaus is a German term meaning the house of construction and commonly understood by many as the school of building and operates from the year 1919 to the end of 1933 . The institution was founded by Walter Gropius and was located in Weimar. This paper shall critically analyze whether Bauhaus succeeded in merging art with mass production and technology what challenges they went through and if at all their ideals were limited to design for an elite.
However, this school was closed by the Nazi government, because of its communist ideals, as opposed to the ideals of Nazism. The staff continued spreading their knowledge and ideologies all over the world where they went for exile .This political pressure in the constant shift of techniques,
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In the 19th century, an English designer by the name William Morris influenced greatly the field of arts and crafts by arguing that there should be no boundary marking difference between form and function and that art should no matter what meet the needs of society, hence, the Bauhaus style was also commonly referred to as the international style is well described by harmonization between the design of an object and its function and the lack of ornamentation .
Notably, the greatest achievement and influence of the institution was modernism, modernism was a cultural movement tracing its origins from the late 1880s. For instance, before the set up of the institution, the principles of functionality, mass production, and the merger of arts, and crafts had began in Germany. These are some of the ideals of
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Both of them later went to teach in the Harvard school of design, there, their collaboration produced great works of architecture and these include; Aluminum terrace city in Pennsylvania, New Kensington, and the famous Frank house located in Pittsburg.
It’s is a result of this that great pioneers graduated from the school and these include Paul Rudolf, Phillip Johnson and Lawrence Halprin, all of who have greatly benefited from Bauhaus ideologies and have greatly influenced the world of art by using the knowledge acquired to combine crafts and arts with technology and contemporary means of mass production .
The impact of Bauhaus on education and design has been very significant over the years. Its main objective was to unify craft, art, and technology. This is the approach that was incorporated in its curriculum. The institution had a preliminary course, referred to as the Bauhaus Vorkurs, which greatly relied on the integration of application and theory. Students in their first years of study learned some of the basic principles of design and experimented on a large rage of materials as well as

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