Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is one of the most successful American authors from the early twentieth century. Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in Minnesota. Fitzgerald is a descendant of the famous patriot Frances Scott Key who is known for writing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Fitzgerald’s life seemed to go up and down with the way of life he lived and the events that happened to him and the people around him. Although Fitzgerald today is most famous for The Great Gatsby, he was a man of many talents within his writing skills. Fitzgerald’s childhood included him moving to upstate New York after his father, Edward failed as a manufacturer of wicker furniture in St. Paul. Edward then became a salesman for Procter & Gamble where is 1908 he was dismissed and the family moved back to St. Paul when his son was twelve. When the family moved back to St. Paul they lived comfortably on his mother’s, Mary’s (Mollie) inheritance. Mary’s inheritance came from her father who was an Irish immigrant who became wealthy as a wholesale grocer. Edward and Mary were both Catholics. While growin...
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