The Wedding Singer Analysis

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637 words

The Wedding Singer was put on by the Ole Miss Theatre Department on November 11, 2016. It took place in Fulton Chapel on the Ole Miss campus and featured a very talented cast of Ole Miss students. Rene Pulliam was the director and Kate Prendergast was the choreographer for this musical. The play was dynamic and engaging. From the acting, to the set, to the energy of the cast, The Wedding Singer was a lively musical that left the viewer feeling excited and spirited. The Wedding Singer is a musical that takes place in the 1980s and follows Robbie Hart, a wedding singer, as he falls out of love with his fiancé, Linda, and into love with a waitress, Julia. Of course, it is not that simple as Robbie is left at the altar and Julia has a boyfriend turned fiancé of her own. Robbie and Julia both eventually realize that they are meant for each other and hilarity ensues as they try desperately to reunite. Robbie ends up traveling all the way to Las Vegas to interrupt Julia’s wedding and profess his love for her. Everyone is rooting for Robbie because of his charismatic attitude and how …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the wedding singer was put on by the ole miss theatre department on november 11, 2016. it featured a talented cast of students, including rene pulliam and kate prendergast.
  • Analyzes how the wedding singer follows robbie hart, a wedding singer, as he falls out of love with his fiancé, linda, and into love. julia realizes that they are meant for each other and they try desperately to reunite.
  • Describes how fulton chapel's set, lighting, and costuming evoked the 80s in a modern way. they describe how the experience was like an escape from real life.
  • Opines that the musical had many strengths and very few weaknesses, including costuming and set. the actors were well cast, and the choreography was well done.

One of its numerous strengths was the costuming and set. This musical would not have been the same had these elements not come together to transport the viewer. In addition to the costuming and the set, the actors were very well cast. Each actor was in a role that fit them and they portrayed their characters very well. For example, the man who played Glen really seemed like a greedy Wall Street worker. The choreography was also well done. It fit true to the style of dance in the 1980s and added to the immersion experience. The only thing that could have made this experience better would be to add more music. This may just be a personal preference, but when I see a musical I like for the music to be central like it is in Hamilton or Les Miserables. However, this musical was very good and not much could be added to enhance the

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