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Forensic science is a particularly large field of work to be a part of. There are many important parts to it that are all very different. In short, forensic science deals with applying scientific knowledge to legal and criminal situations. As mentioned earlier, forensic sciences is an extremely large field of work. There are forensic engineers, forensic geneticists, linguists, phoneticians. All of which, work together to uncover crimes by using science. In any given case forensic scientists may be looking at certain photographs, DNA traces, weapons and tools, and also certain documents. Typically, these scientists, like most others, work in labs conducting countless tests and examinations. Their work is painstaking, and detailed. There are strict procedures in place that they must comply with. Much like all other careers, there have been forensic scientists who have made a significant impact in the field of forensics. One of these wise fellows was Edmond Locard. He was born in 1877, and was so important that he earned the title of the “Sherlock Holmes of France.” Before his interest in criminal sciences occurred, he studied medicine for a while in Lyon, France. He then went on to assist Alexandre Lacassagne, who also was an expert in medicine and law work. Later on Locard wrote and published many science filled books, but before then, he inscribed the idea that “every contact leaves a trace,”which comes from Locard’s Exchange Principal. The logic behind this principal is simple; when two pieces of evidence touch, each specimen will transfer evidence to one another, always leaving something behind. This remarkable theory changed forensics forever and will never be forgotten. So the question is, how does chemistry fit in to all... ... middle of paper ... ...s an essential part to solving crimes. We are fortunate to live in an exciting day and age where education, and technology, and society is rapidly evolving and changing. Thanks to that, the future for forensics is looking up and although, as mentioned earlier the media exaggerates forensics, it is striking interest in a lot more people. The public is hungry for information about our legal system, particularly in forensics. As long as The National Institute of Justice, and other organizations continue to fund and support forensic science, we will be able to improve our justice system significantly. We also wouldn’t be where we are today with forensics if it wasn’t for people like Locard, who devoted their time and energy into this field of work. As much as we may overlook it, forensic science is important in our society and it can help us understand more about crime.

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