For the Bible Tells Me So a Documentary on the Christian Church

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For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary that explores the way people in the Christian church, more specifically literalists or fundamentalists have treated people who identify of liking the same gender who strive in the church. Most of these literalists will use their religious book, the Bible, to wrong those that are following the ways of homosexuality by taking it quite literally. Through this, it shows how religious groups play a role on many families who have a daughter or a son who identify themselves as homosexual. Through this analysis using the symbolic interactionist perspective, it is evident that religion is causing the people who identify as homosexual to see themselves in a different light. The sociological symbolic interactionist perspective is a major microsociological perspective stressing the importance of messages from others and society, how people understand and interpret these messages, and how this process affects people’s behaviors (Farley and Flota 2012). Through this perspective, it is evident that people who identify themselves as homosexual often receive positive or negative messages from their families, especially parents. Most of their parents come from a very religious background or play an important role in the church and community. The people or children who are homosexual often look at their self image differently because of the messages they receive not only from their families, the Bible, but also from the people who hold picket signs showing hatred towards homosexual. The Church holds different values, also known as personal preferences, likes and dislikes, or judgements about what is good and desirable or bad and undesirable (Farley and Flota 2012), they often gain values from their religio... ... middle of paper ... ...erally, and remember where the text came from and what the culture was like in its day and age. The young woman who committed suicide, had a poor self image, also known as the totality of the type of person that once perceives oneself to be (Farley and Flota 2012). Her self image was considerably low due to the fact that she was having suicidal thoughts. She most likely perceived herself as someone who was not accepted for who she truly was, especially by her mother. The lack of support that she received by being homosexual, probably gave her the message that who she was as a person was unacceptable. She fell towards suicidal thoughts and ultimately took her life away which is something seen often in media whether it is because the person feels as they are unaccepted by people who are close to them or because of the hatred and bullying they receive from others.

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