Footpath Erosion

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Footpath Erosion

I am trying to find out how footpath erosion on Pen Y Fan which is a

national park, compares to footpath erosion on Cock Marsh which is in

a village and is not in a national park. The question is 'how does

footpath erosion on Pen Y Fan compare to footpath erosion on Cock


Backround information on Pen Y Fan and the Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons is a lived and worked in national park. The area

within the national park covers 519 square miles. Nearly half of this

is 1,000 ft above sea level.

Pen Y Fan is the highest mountain in South Wales and is 2,907 ft above

sea level.

The Brecon Beacons also has other peaks such as cribyn and corn Du.

the east of the brecon beacons are known as the black mountains. In

the far west of the national park is the upland range known as Black

Mountain. This is a remote location and has a well-known ridge walk

called the beacon horseshoe.


In the south there is a place called waterfall country and in the

north is sennybridge. Pen Y Fan has a problem with footpath erosion

due to walkers walking over the footpath with heavy walking boots

which pulls up mud and vegetation and it falls off in a different

area. Also this may get worse and the footpath may widen because the

footpath is stoney and the walkers would find the grassy banks easier

to walk on so the boots would erode the banks and the process wont

stop. There are many activities that interest people to come to the

Brecon Beacons e.g. gorge walking and challenging high ridges for the

walkers and cycling etc. these examples all cause erosion. Also the

S.A.S trains on the mountains in w...

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...ow the vegetation around

the footpath would have been useful because then I would know whether

people are trying to escape the rocks on the footpath and walking to

the side of the footpath. I think that my results were quite accurate,

but not exactly accurate, because the data that I collected was only

in one day and by the time this fieldwork is handed in the data may

have changed, as more people would be walking up and down the

footpaths. I think that to answer my original question "how footpath

erosion on Pen Y Fan compares to footpath erosion on Cock Marsh" I

collected enough information without any problems. To each technique

there are disadvantages, such as the quadrat data collection technique

you cannot get an exact reading because half of the square may be full

of grass and the other half may be full of stone.