Fluid Mechanics Essay

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Fluid Mechanics
Physics is the branch of science, which deals with the motion, and the causes of the motion on a specific body. However, what causes this motion? The answer is forces that are in action. This subject of motion under forces is termed as Mechanics. Every object around us shows some type of motion, for example Sun and the other planets are going in circular motion and many other examples are all undergoing in the action of some kind of forces. The motion of fluids or liquids under the action of some forces is termed as fluid mechanics. Fluids may include any type of liquids, gasses, or plasma. The study of these phases and their motion is very important and they have been widely used in many modern life applications.
Out of three phases of matter liquids and gas are considered to be fluids and we will talk about their application and uses in the modern world. In some cases, plasma is considered as the third type of fluid. Plasma as can be found in the universe as the most abundant form and its application is also very wide. According to the definition of Physics, fluids are defined as the substance, which deforms continuously under the application of applied stress. If the surface effects are not considered, then the flow of liquids and gases are considered same.
Fluid mechanics is a very wide field which is used in almost in every field. In this field the macroscopic motion of fluids is studied under the action of laws of classical mechanics. For scientist who tries to invent new things every time fluid mechanics gives them a good opportunity to make technical things. These can be used in aircraft designing’s, automobile engineering to rocket science. Advances in computer technology and algorithms have opened thi...

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... used with freedom in the daily practice of medicine, it is remarkable how few data exist confirming either the safety or the effectiveness of these fluids (Versteeg, H. 2000).
Colloids and Crystalloids
Crystalloids are typically based on a solution of germ-free water with added electrolytes to approximate the mineral content of human plasma. Crystalloids come in a variety of originations, from those that are hypotonic to plasma to those that have equal or unequal tensions. It was designed to approximate the mineral and electrolyte concentration of human plasma. Colloids are often based on crystalloid solutions, thus containing water and electrolytes, but have the added component of a colloidal substance that does not freely diffuse across a semipermeable membrane. They are widely used for clinical improvements such as lung injury and other bacterial peritonitis.

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