Flower Garden Benefits And Benefits

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There are many benefits to growing a flower or vegetable garden. Many people think of gardening as just playing in the dirt, when it is actually much more and can have many positive effects. With the right know how, effort, and a little T.L.C. anyone can grow a garden. Throughout this article you will read about how growing a garden can help you and your family, how they can help others, and how they can change the environment for the better. Learn the rewards that this “green” action can give. Ever wish that you didn’t have to run to the store to get that one herb like Rosemary to finish making a meal? Or that you could pick your own vine ripened tomatoes and know where they came from or if they truly are organic? Well, plant a garden and you can have all of those things and more. By having your…show more content…
The smells, the sights and sounds. All of these elements being picked up by our senses helps to relax us and be more aware of our surroundings. Many neighborhoods and homes have vacant lots or spaces in their yards, planting a garden is a good way to add color and interest to something bare. Whether it’s a beautiful flower garden to attract birds and butterflies that might be endangered or a vegetable garden to help make sure people in a community have fresh veggies, gardens help the environment as well as people. Neighborhoods with community gardens can make sure there is fresh, healthy food available for anyone, can help bring people together and can even reduce crime in their area. The gardens also produce clean oxygen which we and the world can’t get enough of, a benefit for both sides. Families that garden together can become closer with one another and if kids help with the work, they learn responsibility and can feel a sense of accomplishment in a bountiful harvest. Kids are also more open to trying new and different foods when they help to grow what they