Flappers: A Positive Influence On American Society

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Sidona Bradley Fox Period 2 2/1715 Flappers: A Positive Influence on America’s Society. Historians have debated over what the word “flapper” really meant. Some people thought the word was derived from the concept of a baby bird that is learning to fly for the first time. The word “flapper” came from the way a the baby bird flapped its wings as it flew from the nest. The women during this era were brave in the sense that they dared to step outside of boundaries that no American woman had stepped before. This change in history could be compared to a baby bird in the sense that the first jump from the nest was a symbol for the risks that women were taking during the 1920s. Furthermore, women ultimately benefitted from the popularization of flappers…show more content…
The flappers that existed in this age set the way for modern feminists. Flappers were being seen as large advocates for movements supporting women’s rights. This was because as well as taking part in specific social activities, they also started to have an effect on the amount of women with jobs because of their engagement in employment. By defying the traditional roles of women in the U.S., flappers inspired many women to get jobs and support themselves, making females a more important part of American society. They were also somewhat active in politics because they supported women’s rights as well as voting. However, flappers were also seen as defying traditional gender stereotypes, and modesty. Donna Bonthuis also stated that by the time she was in high school, girls were allowed to wear pants for casual occasions. The effects that flappers had on women and working were also relevant to Donna’s life. “My mother would usually give me and my sister work to do on the weekends. We mowed the lawn, clipped weeds...We washed dishes. We got a dishwasher when I was a teenager, but it hardly ever worked. It always leaked or shut off.” The fact that teenage girls were being put to hard labor in the years following the 1920s could be attributed to the changes the flappers made in the world of working

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