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Flannery O’Connor and the Correspondence between her two works.
Flannery O’Connor was born on March 25, 1925 in Georgia. She was the only child to her parents, Edward and Regina O’Connor. Two years away from Flannery’s adulthood , her father passed away due to a rare disease, lupus. At the time of her father’s death O’Connor was in Milledgeville, Ga. It can be inferred that she was able to cope up with her father’s death very soon as she didn’t speak of his death much and also resumed to be an active part of her high school’s extra-curricular activities such as painting, English club and also band. A year after her father’s demise she graduated from high school and enrolled herself in Georgia State College to do major in English and sociology. It was during this period that she adapted the name ‘Flannery’. After getting bachelor degree from college she relocated to Iowa City where she attended University of Iowa and also applied for a job as teacher within the campus of her university. In the year of 1947, she eventually obtained her Masters degree in the field of Fine Arts. In spite of the fact that she obtained her Masters degree in 1947, her first work, “The Geranium” was published a year before that and it was just the dawn of her fame. It was merely an origination of the classics that followed later on. Lupus was genetically acquired by O’Connor from her father. Things were going well until end of 1950 in which she was struck by a severe lupus attack. O’Connor was determined about her writing and thus , even such a huge attack didn’t divert her attention off her passion of writing. There was no looking back for her as she kept on publishing her works. In point of fact , it was only after her attack, she produc...

... middle of paper ...’ll catch me because Pointer ain’t really my name. I use different name at every house I call at and don’t stay nowhere long.”(287).
In conclusion, both of the stories where quite griping as they were so uniquely strange. Flannery O’Connor compared to other authors by using her unique writing style. Also, from judging from these two stories we can know that she uses the same style in most of her works. We can also know that her stories usually have a pattern in which her main characters lives are going all well and normal until some outside force usually some kind of a human being enters their life and completely disrupts it. Another remarkable writing style of her included, that her stories always had a tragic ending. The result of which was death for most part. Moreover, O’Connor made a heave use of foreshadowing and irony, which concluded to a mishap.
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