Alex Horton's Ides Of March By Alex Horton

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In Alex Horton’s essay, “Ides of March,” which he posted on his personal blog, “Army of Dude”, on March 20, 2011, he tells us a little about his platoon, Battle Company, Second Platoon. In this reflective essay he tells us how they have disbanded – and he tells us about the platoon’s losing one of its own, Brian Chevalier, who was a “driver for first squad.” Chevy was blown “out of the Stryker” he was driving, apparently being killed instantly. He talked about how it happened so suddenly, like an announcement when a family member passed away. In this essay Horton remembers Chevy, sharing stories and memories from other men in their platoon. The reason on why Horton wrote this essay because on an emotional state about what he felt about when…show more content…
“There was no whimper, no cries for mother or last words when Chevy died. The explosions that blew him out of the Stryker made him, for a brief moment, a creature in flight. He didn’t suffer. What is interpret is Chevy’s truck (since he was a driver) was killed by a roadside bomb and once again Horton described the death as it happened instantly as he blew up out of the sky and that’s it. He also described on what Chevy felt in slow motion as Horton described “he didn’t suffer no cries,…show more content…
As well as 4 years later after Chevy’s death, Alex went to Antietam by himself so he can spend time for the soldiers who struggled and died in the Civil war and to remind the happy memories of Chevy as he states, “I’ve never worked or went to school on March 14th. Last year I spent the day with Dodo and another friend in New York, but last week I found myself alone. I decided to spend the day where another group of young men struggled and died: Antietam. The park system contains two monuments to the 20th Infantry NY regulars, which were the predecessors of our unit, the 5th Battalion 20th Infantry Regiment. The engagement is remembered with a striped battle streamer on the regional colors. Us, though, we remember Chevy with late night phone calls and laugher though tears.” In that statement he also explained that the same Infantry had to go through the same pain and suffering for losing their platoon squad in the deadliest battles of each
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