First Step Towards A Better Future

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I first became interested in accounting when I was working for a small, home run business, Accounting Magic. While I did data entry of payments, receivables and payables, I was intrigued by the organization of it all. It reminded me, oddly enough, of parsing sentences in Latin or Greek and it fascinated me. When I moved on to a fulltime position at EIS, where I have worked for the past two years, I was happy to find that I was able to continue with accounting tasks. I spend a lot of time reconciling branch payment discrepancies and I find the research involved just as gratifying as translating Julius Caesar’s letters or Xenophon’s texts. This enjoyment led me to take courses at CPCC for the last two semesters and there the idea that I wanted to get a degree in accounting was cemented. While taking courses at CPCC I realized that rather than pursue an associate’s degree or diploma I should spend my time gaining a master’s degree instead. I would spend nearly the same amount of calendar time doing any of the three, but a master’s degree is the best fit because I believe it provides one with a higher level education thereby yielding better opportunities. I was delighted when I discovered the MACC program at UNCC. The program is perfect for me because not only is it designed for people without business degrees, the campus is just ten minutes from my office and the class schedule works with mine. Also, I know that attending an institution like UNCC will give me the skills I need to pursue my goals, as well as allow me to learn more about business by being in a learning environment with other working professionals. Professionally my plan after I complete my master’s degree is to advance my career by obtaining an upper-level account... ... middle of paper ... ..., which is most precious to me. I have two young children, four and six, and with a fulltime job I already miss a lot of what they do; but this sacrifice of time and energy will be worth it. I, and my family, know how much work lies ahead in this type of program, both academically and personally. I look forward to the challenge while at the same time I do not deceive myself about the complexity; it is not going to be the easiest of endeavors but it should prove to be one of the most rewarding. This degree is the first step on a path towards better and greater things for all of us. Not only will I be advancing my career but I will be able to help my husband build a family business our children can become part of. All the hard work I put into earning my degree will pay out one hundred fold in opportunities for me and my family, which makes it all completely worth it.

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