Fires of Jubilee

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I’ve decided to review The Fires of Jubilee by Stephen B. Oates for my book analysis. I was very hesitant on doing my analysis over this piece because I have so many opinions, and different viewpoints on this book. With so many opinions however, this was the best book for me to write 4 pages over. It was extremely easy for me to read Fires of Jubilee and really get into the text, because growing up my Mom would always tell stories about slaves and old slaves tales passed down from earlier generations of mine. Being of split-heritage I always get 2 different viewpoints and stories told to me and my brother by our great-grandparents, so reading this explained way more of the story of Nat Turner than I was previously told of when I was younger. Part one of The Fires of Jubilee “This Infernal Spirit Of Slavery” was in fact the most important section of the book. Part one starts out explaining Nat’s younger years (early 1800’s) detailing how slave children and white children had no racial boundaries and could freely play about the plantation. “He was living in the innocent season of his life, in those carefree years before the working age of twelve when a slave boy could romp and run about the plantation with uninhibited glee.” (Oates, 7). This section of the novel much like the second tells flashbacks and gives recollections of previous years and hops around the timeline before really emphasizing the growth of Nat Turner. The author goes on during part one to give more info about the Turners, whom owned the plantation and introduces the recurring theme of religion. “The Turners became prominent church folk in their community and did all they could to spread the faith” (Oates, 9). Religion was a large factor in Southampton County in t... ... middle of paper ... ... events, but it threw me off a few times causing me to go back and re-read certain pages. I feel like Stephen B. Oates did a great job in capturing Nat Turner and providing a visual to the readers. Another great feature of the book was how Oates was able to nail the religious beliefs of the slaves, Nat talked about God speaking to him and the Holy Spirit giving him symbols and signs of a judgment day approaching. Oates was spot on with alluding to the Bible to give a sense of credibility to the signs God apparently showed Nat, in the Bible we are told that God shows us signs of communication by using the Sun and Moon. The changing of the color of the moon to a blood red color and the complete darkening of the sun is told as being Judgment Day or the Rapture. In conclusion, I thought the book was overall great in giving a deeper insight into the evolution of slavery.
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