Fine Arts Education

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Beginning in 2008, America came upon a grueling period of economic distress, the Recession. This period of economic decline with which trade and industrial activity were reduced forced many changes in Americas’ economy. Teachers Jobs at Risk released by the White House estimated that between the years of (2008 – 2011) nearly 300,000 educators have lost jobs. While schools were forced to cut back on jobs, many of the first to lose jobs were the fine arts educators. Futhermore, thousands of children have lost the opportunity to experience art, dance, music, and theatre classes. In spite of America’s economic turmoil causing schools major budget cuts, there are three key reasons why schools should continue to support the arts: the arts contribute to state and national economies, the arts prepare students for high paying jobs, and the arts have a positive impact on every child’s life.
The Ohio Citizens for the Arts reported that in 2003 arts in Cleveland and Cincinnati contributed to more than $2 billion a year in annual economic activity,(Collins 2) while the American Arts Alliance ...

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