Fences Analysis

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The play Fences, by August Wilson describes the obstacles and situations which occur in families. He portrays many of his characters in a spectrum of characteristics and emotions. Overall, the play Fences explores the weaknesses and imperfections of humans. However, it also illustrates human compassion and kindness. In a way, this play is paradoxical in which selfishness and selflessness collide. The protagonist of Fences, Troy Maxson is a hard working garbage man who believes in working hard to support his family. He ultimately wants his wife Rose and his son Cory to live a happy and blissful life. Troy also cares for his best friend Bono who works alongside with Troy. At first glance, readers might get the sense that Troy is an average working man with an ordinary American dream. However, Troy is more than that. He is in fact a complicated character with an array of emotions and thoughts. As the play progresses on, it is revealed that Troy has many inner evils and secrets. Eventually, readers uncover Troy’s mystery. Troy cheats on Rose with a woman named Alberta. He tells Rose ...

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