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Fences presents many aspect of life that we experience day to day basis. Respect appears to be one of the key aspect of Fences. Troy wants respect from his family because he is the man of the house while acting insensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. Troy had an abusive father, he never like him. Troy run away from his house to be on his own at a very young age because he never receive the love and respect he desires from his family, so he come around to repeat what his father had done because of the failure to see that the time had changed around him. Independence ties with Masculinity that Troy possess. Back in the 1950 a man who work for a whole family was normal and woman stays home to take care of the kids. Power dominance of the male figure is a big problem than segregation was at the time, but it was slowly changing. So, Troy fails to see the way from the future Troy is still living in the past because that is all he knows about growing a family. Rose single handedly handles everything that happen around Troy because she respects him as her husband. Respect is part of love required to raise a child; Troy overlooked this aspect of love hence, repeat the cycle of his bad past.
The first past repeating cycle can be seen in the play when Troy turn down Cory’s opportunity. Troy do not want his son Cory’s life to be like him, but yet he raised him to be an independent man like his was. Troy denys Cory’s chance to a football tryout because he believes that his son will experience his disappointment in the industry. Troy said to Rose, “I don’t want him to be like me!” (1046). One of the differences that complicate their relationship is that they have grown up in completely different time ...

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...ding to Rose, his wife she believe that family should respect regardless of how big of a mistake they make, when Troy cheat on Rose for example. She was upset but she doesn't want to leave him because she have a child to take care of. The amount of respect that she have for the family is enormous. Overall, Rose is preventing the future from come back to her family so she told her son to go to his dad funeral.
Troy had see many negative influence that lead him to believe the world isn’t changing. From the disappointment in the sport industry to a broken family. I believe that Troy is a good man and he do not mean to hurt his family in anyway. Rose understand that and stay together till the day he die to continue to nourish the foundation for the new future of the Maxson family. If respect is being ignore the ugly past may come back around and catch you off guard.
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