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The noun " feminism " is derived from the French in the 19th century . It refers to the campaign at first but now women have been endowed with greater meaning when it is used extensively in many places. Feminism was born because there are those who feel that women have been oppressed by injustice exists between man and woman . Oppression of women is a human act under social institution and it is not biologkal . Thus, the women themselves able to change this situation .
Theories of feminism has changed and modified after weathered the passage of time , location and cultural differences . As a result , various schools of Feminism theory has emerged . Flow Feminism does have differences in terms of historical , analytical methods and approaches. According to Gu Yanling , in general , the focus of feminism is to tell injustice between men and women seek a solution and provide information to build a society that is fair and equitable in culture.
Liberal Theory of Feminism is a starting point to other theoretical schools of feminism . This theory is also a focus on the flow of the other theories to be modified and incorporated into their theory . In the 18th century , men in Europe have begun menetang monarchy . This incident sparked the absolute power of feminism began questioning the men. Liberal Feminism theory emphasizes a rational approach . Representatives of Liberal Feminism Theory consists of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) , Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) and Betty Friedan ( 19 210 . They have disseminate this theory to women to assert that women are also able to think rationally . Injustices that exist are due to customs and the education system defects . Women should be given the same standard of education so that the injustice ...

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...lling to consider it to be abused by an easement . This is a form of psychosis due to being a cultural glorification of man . Through the sacrifice of women or killing of women, communities and families can then remain in peace .
Luce Irigaray criticized theories proposed by Sigmund Freud. Luce argues that women have the characteristics of exceptional natural and they do not require any intermediate ION be a true woman . Luce also very concerned mother daughter relationship . He stressed mother daughter relationship discussed by him is not subject to the patriarchal family , but refers to the relationship mothers raising daughters. Luce also stressed that women need a kind of language that women speak with female identity among female epoch . Based on the theoretical frameworks as well as western feminist perspective some help to understand feminism in more detail.

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