Feminism Throughout History

Throughout history, women around the globe have been struggling to gain rights that are equal to men in the society. Women have been struggling to obtain respect, equality, and the same rights men have in the society. However, this has been difficult to them because of patriarchy, an ideology whereby, men are always considered to be superior to women, and have the right to control women. This thought has spread widely among the social structures of the society around the globe and this made it difficult for women to achieve their dreams of feminism. Nonetheless, through the feminist movements, women were able to get some equal rights to men, and are still struggling to get the rights most men take for granted. According to Butler, the struggle became even harder for women with color especially, while dealing with racism and sexism (102). In order to fight and achieve these rights, and fight patriarchy, feminism as well as feminist theory was born. However, the history of feminism has many possible origins, but the most plausible explanation of its origin is the desire for reform in women’s lives.
Feminism is a theory or philosophy whereby women are to be equal economically, socially, and politically to men. It is a philosophy where women and their values and contributions are valued. In addition, it can also be described as a revolution whereby, men and women are to be equal without any boundaries. Women want to be respected by men in the society, and given a chance to explore their potentiality without any limitation and conditions whatsoever. Feminists are people who view the world as being equal regardless of age, gender, class and economic status. Feminism is a term that explains the struggle of women to gain equal...

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