Father Daughter Monologue

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“You are the reason your dad left me Jenni!” these were the words I heard day in and day out. [I never knew what love was.] My mother never showed it to me, I don’t blame her though I wouldn’t love me either. I’ve never had a dad...I don’t think they really count if the run out on you and leave. I chased boys at school, I thought maybe they could show me love. I had this longing urge to feel it. Everyone always tells me how great it is to be loved, or how they are going on a father daughter date. I just smile and say yea me too. Inside I’m crying but I have to be strong for Jude, my little brother. (-- removed HTML --) “Jude! Come down it’s time for breakfast!” “I’m coming Jenni!’ He eats the scrambled eggs that I made him. Most kids moms make them breakfast but not mine, mine just sits in her room drinking away the memories of my dad. We hear her crying through the door but we just act like it’s not there. …show more content…

I love you!” “Love ya’ too Jenni!” We repeat this day after day. (Jude often asks me when mama’s gonna get better, and when dad is gonna come home.) I tell him maybe one day...I know this isn’t true though. It’s just me and Jude and Jude and me. {School is awful, I always get picked on and bullied because of my clothes and how I have to work so I normally just cry in the bathroom.} “Look it’s that ugly worker girl!” “Hey you go get me some food will

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