Fate In Oedipus: Free Will And Fate

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What does it mean to have free will? From my perspective it is the ability to make your own decisions when confronted with problems in order to have an outcome you desire. According to dictionary.com it is “the doctrine that the conduct of human being expresses personal choice and is not simply determined by physical or divine forces.” Even with humans being capable of choosing their own destiny, is it possible to over come fate no matter how hard you try? There is a theory of life that is summarized as everything happens for a reason because that is your destiny. My confusion is, can free will come into play and change your destiny? Can you actually have the free will to change the outcome of what fate has in store for you. Free will and fate are continuously demonstrated in Oedipus the King the play, how ever only one brought Oedipus towards downfall and ultimately to his death. An analysis of Oedipus reveals that no matter how we try to avoid our fate, it will happen.…show more content…
His desire for knowledge along with continuously trying to find answers about himself, is something the Gods did to make him that way. I think that no matter what Oedipus chose as his path it could not be averted. He can not escape the fate that was chosen by the Gods, no matter what would have happened through out the play he would still have ended killing his father and marrying his mother. When Oedipus reached the cross roads where he killed his father, it was fate that led him there, “short work, but god with one blow of the staff”. This demonstrates that he did not have free will in this choice because there was events that led him there where he would kill his father. Although he was using his own decision making he was not able to change his fate. The way he handles things because oh who he has become is something that eventually makes his fate come

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