Family Systems Theory

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These gender views may have an immense impact on how the couple develops through this phase. Stage three, collaboration, involves the effort of both spouses integrating gender related roles and flexibility within those roles into the home. Improvising, stage four, includes both parents releasing the gender roles they have envisioned for their family. Working together to see which task work best for the family, not concentrating on traditional gender roles, will assist the family move toward a cohesive unit to ensure both the mother and father are in tune with how the household will manage with the switch of the father becoming a stay-at-home dad. Lastly, sharing, comprises a cohesive unit that identifies how the spouses will share household…show more content…
This theory would assist a counselor in helping the family realize how they play a part in the current functioning of the other members within the family system. Holly would become aware of Lacey’s lack of interest in her current activities. Marion would understand how his lack of nurturing has impacted relationships with her friends and inability to obtain feelings of confidence. Lastly, Marion would understand how his absence from the home and continued efforts of purchasing material items to satisfy feelings of love and attention affects Holly’s happiness within the marriage. Secondly, the theory would assist the family in becoming differentiated as individuals to decrease anxiety in which each member feels due to their current experiences within the family. Each member can work toward understanding and empathizing with each other to reduce conflict. Lastly, this theoretical model can give the family a descriptive perspective of how their previous family history and experiences have impacted their current behaviors. It is important to uncover the relationship Marion had with his parents and how he views gender roles in the home. Also, it is important to understand how Holly’s upbringing has affected her views and current behaviors within her nuclear family. Combined, these indications will assist the family achieve and maintain a cohesive family
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