Family In The 1950's Family

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Times have changed since the 1950’s and will continue to change throughout time. The 1950’s family was considered the breadwinner-homemaker family. In today’s society it is hard to wrap our heads around what that perfect happy family was. From the 1950’s America has become more diverse which has caused family life to become different. Normally the nuclear family has a stable marriage, stable income and a great house. Now there is so many complications. There might have been a myth from the 1950’s typical family but from now on in America there will never be a typical family because everyone faces such different atmospheres. The myth of the 1950’s family is dead because there are several factors that have become the norm in today’s society that…show more content…
Women took care of the house and stayed home with the children. Both of the articles, “Unlike in the the 1950’s, there is no ‘typical’ U.S family today’ and ‘What we Really Miss about the 1950’s’ agree that the majority of children grew up in these typical families in the 1950’s but in today’s family that norm has flip-flopped. These articles also both agree that women suffered through the headache from the responsibilities and these typical families should be taken seriously even if they sounds appealing. The new norm is built upon an idea of diversity in the family therefore the typical family does not exist. One of the major changes is the mother’s role in the…show more content…
The 1950’s family claims to have provided more of a family-friendly economic and social environment (Coontz, 29). All the mothers were staying home it was easier for the women to have friends and make connections. More mothers could be involved with their children’s lives. Yes, in today’s society there are mothers that are still very involved in their children’s lives but it is harder for them to be. For the majority of the families in the 21st century, “it’s really fanning out into all kinds of family structures” (Schulte). Now women are working and having more independence than they ever have which have been creating all these different structures. “Many people assume dual income families are now the predominant family structure” (Schulte). The women have now taken the role to bring in some income to help support the family as well. Now the minority have the 1950’s nuclear family. There were more jobs for the men and they could support the family so that the women did not have to

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