Family: Family Structure In The Family Cycle Of Family

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Life course of Stepfamily Stepfamilies cycle According to Papernow, the stepfamily 's goals is to move from a biological subsystem family with the stepparent as an outsider to a family unified by a strong, cooperative couple (Papernow,1985). While every family move tries through the different life cycle the first family 's ideas cycle is somewhat uncomplicated. The stelfamilies life cycle is a little more complex because they are bringing their live together and all of the baggage from the first family into the new family. The stelfamily cycle portrays the normal development steps that move a Stepfamily from a biological subsystem with stepparents to an integrated family unit. The stefamily cycle identifies seven stages of Stepfamily…show more content…
Now is the time where the stepfamilies stop thinking of themselves as stepfamilies and just consider themselves as a complete family unit. They have learned to deal with any issue that will come between them in the future. Family system theory Family system theory, main focus is on the interaction between the members if the family and they relate to one another, family system theory strongly suggests that family is not just a collection of people but, its defined by the roles and connections between family member(Brown 1999). Consequently the family functions in a social and a cultural environment, and that environment has influence over each other. In order to truly understand the family as a whole you have to look closely at the relationships within try he family. According to Brown, there are role within the family that can affect other parts of the family Brown pointed out that family system theory is centered around the connectedness, interrelations and interdependence of all the parts within the family structure, Family system theory offers a road map to a better understanding of the…show more content…
Stepfamily has become increasingly common feature of the landscape of family. In today 's society, family comes in many different firm that goes far beyond the "traditional family ." Unfortunately, stepfamilies is not always, as sweet as the Brady Bunch, but how can they be. Stepfamilies can be considered an arranged marriage. It just people who barely know one another coming together to live in the intimacy of one home. Throughout history stepfamilies character has been protested as evil and vindictive, thanks in part to fairy-tale. The word family, has taken a major transformation over the last 2-3 decades. Allowing people to create and develop their own perception of family. Stepfamilies is closely becoming a way of life, everybody knows someone within a Stepfamily. Stepfamilies are dramatically taking over the world 's population, it 's estimated to be 10 to 20 million stepfamily within the United State and more developing each day. Statistics show that 50% to 60% of remarriage will include children from a previous relationship. Unfortunaly very few families have much in common with the Brady Bunch they were the old model
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