Family Conflicts Between The Hatfields And Mccoys

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Peace in the world, past and present, comes at a high cost. People pay for the peace that comes from conflicts. All conflicts are resolved one way or another, and sometimes things are take too far for their own good. Family feuds can end very badly for both sides over unimportant issues. As an example, the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys is one of America's most known family feuds. To me it isn’t smart to take a simple family conflict and push it that far. Similarly, how could rival record companies lead to deaths in the conflict of West Coast vs. East Coast rappers? Also, how could two families hate each other over a lawsuit that happened many years ago as the Shepardsons and Grangerfords did? When feuds become battles, the issues have gone too far and the cost is too high to justify the fight. …show more content…

In the Hatfield and Mccoy case pride takes over two families and makes these families turn violent on each other. Many people were killed in their family feud. Most of them were killed in very unfair situations. This whole feud could have easily been reversed if the Hatfields and McCoys hadn’t let pride get the best of them. Just like the Hatfields and Mccoys,the East coast and West coast rappers both had unnecessary violence. Although most of the East coast rappers and the West coast rapper's feud was fought in lyrics and public announcements, the feud also went violent with gang related influence. It started with two record label companies fighting over a simple rivalry but soon turned to violence. People fought over the lyrics in the songs of many rappers of the time. People who weren't ever rappers were killed over this issue. “To

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