Faith In The Lion King

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“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also in the trees, and the flowers and clouds and stars” (Martin Luther). What this quote addresses is that the word of God is not just in one text but everywhere in the world. People such as writers tend to express allusions to God in their novels or poems and artists express these feelings through paintings (like the Renaissance) or even through song. However, In the day and age, those messages are often concealed in a metaphor or underlying theme. What these secret messages all have in common is the idea of faith. Faith is the driving force of passion and emotion, and it allows people to find their true selves.Faith is the struggle between good and evil, as seen in William Shakespeare’s…show more content…
Disney movies are all religious based in some way, shape, or form. In the movie “The Lion King” there is a constant father figure throughout the film. In later scenes he comes to Simba and tells him to remember who he is so he can get the courage to take back his home. There are parallel scenes in the Bible about how God talks to his children and guides them from the heavens (The Lion King). These messages put in Disney movies give kids a realization the God will always be there to guide them no matter what age they are. It also inspires that child to be what they want and accomplish anything by having…show more content…
The Miseducation of Joy teaches that with strong faith one can survive anything. In this novel the main character, Joy, is a college student who struggles to stay alive once she loses a relationship with God. She gets extremely sick and no friends and family know what to do about her because she has no motivation to even be alive. The only person she will believe is her atheist professor, so it takes him changing his faith to keep her living. She grows up in a very religious house which puts her on the path to success. With the support for both parents and a faithful heart she makes it through grade school easy. This also allows her to be confident in herself and be a leader when knowing what is wrong and right. Prayer is seen throughout this novel to show how connecting with God will answer your problems. Constantly, her parents and friends pray for her while she’s sick and the answer comes from the least thought person, her professor. This shows not only how the lord works in mysterious ways, but also how prayer will always be answered. Also by helping Joy recover, God in this situation gets the professor to believe in Christ, and Joy’s family to believe even more. The lord will always be there as protection and

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