The Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama And Post-Racial America

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The article “Reality or Rhetoric? Barack Obama and Post- racial America” (Love and Tosolt 4) focuses on the impact that Obama’s election had on racial segregation in the country of the United States of America. The article seeks to identify whether or not President Obama’s ascent to the presidency is the beginning of a new post- racial era. The argument raised is divided into two portions. The first argument for discussion raised is that the acceptance of Obama as the president shows tremendous progress in the fight against racism. The other discussion point raised argues that it simply provides a different outlook to the public on the matter of racism and that no action of change has truly occurred. The article analyses the basic reaction of people of various backgrounds, races, age, gender, and professional interests. The article highlights the dynamics and main elements of each respondent. This approach provides an understanding of the aspect of racism and its interpretation from a vast variety of various individuals with…show more content…
The election of Barack Obama to the presidency was a fundamental symbol of unity for all races in America. It highlighted the Americans’ willingness to traverse racial boundaries. In the article, there was a comment by an African American woman who stated, “As an American citizen, I am proud that this country has elected a bi-racial president” showing renewed hope in the issue of racism.” There was also a comment by a white female American citizen who stated, “I was deeply moved by his acceptance speech and I 'm proud of our country for finally getting (at least somewhat) past the race issue” highlighting elation at the thought of having a black president. It is clear that the election of Barack Obama acted as a unifying factor for both the white and the black communities as a whole. The movement tends to be seen as a stride towards the end of
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