Extreme Isolation: Home Schooling

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Most people believe a person is born with a personality that is passed on to them through their family’s gene pool. But no one is really born with a concept of themselves. Personality, love, freedom, justice, morals, and reality are all products of social interaction; so basically humans are the social creation of society and a person’s personally is developed through socialization, This is the reason out of the home-schooling is so important and is such an essential need for people’s lives. Just ask Horace Mann because he codified the myth of empowerment through education.

A compelling example of Mann’s teaching would be Anna Davis. Anna Davis is what one would call a feral child – a person who is confined and denied normal social interaction with other people. Anna’s grandfather refused to acknowledge her existence and to escape his rage; Anna’s mother put her daughter in the attic and except for minimal feedings basically ignored her. Around the age of six, Anna was discovered by a social worker. She could not sit up or walk. She could not talk and was believed to be deaf...

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