External Audit Summary: Robert Bosch LLC

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Bosch LLC is a German automobile parts manufacturing company with several locations worldwide with one plant located in the North Charleston area of South Carolina. It has been in the Charleston tri-county area for 40 years currently producing ABS breaking systems, low and high pressure fuel injection, high pressure pump, and diesel injection systems. It is a company that positions itself well with its forecasting projections concerning market trends, technology, and innovation. Robert Bosch focuses its efforts toward diversity along with globalization to maintain a competitive edge with a forever changing automotive market. In the external audit summary there will be a focus on information from 9 key external factors that play an integral part in company forecasts to meet consumer demands while maintaining market profitability. The 9 key factors are based on economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political, government, legal, and technological trends regarding automobile parts manufacturing.
Economic Trends
The manufacturing of automobile parts is always dependent on the demand for new car sales which are dependent on interest rates, the health of the economy, and by the replacement parts market (Hoover's, 2014). The jobs status in America is still growing at a very small place causing would be buyers to stay in their older vehicles longer before making the plunge to purchase. So, buying activity is slower compare to years past making it even tougher for industry competers. In a competitve manufacturing market small companies can compete along with larger ones by focusing on less parts or more specialized parts. In this market manufacturing profits rely on the demand for new vehicle volume. In 2009 from the...

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