Exploring my Nationalities

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I have the advantage of being two nationalities, Trinidadian and Haitian. This past summer I had the opportunity to explore each of them. I was six years old when I left Trinidad to come to the United States. Sometimes, when I try to remember the country of my birth I just have a blank memory of it. I always told myself when I got older, I would go back home for a visit. I already accomplished my goal of visiting Haiti, where my mother was born. Trinidad was next on my list, since I became tired of my mother as well as other family members telling me about the beauty of Trinidad. This past summer was a beautiful and exciting memory that never will be forgotten. Never forget where your nature is rooted, because those who are of different cultures enrich our society, making our world exciting.

Every time my grandmother and I spoke, she always asked me "Boy wenya gonna come home"? And I tell her "soon come". Trinidadians speak broken English, almost like Jamaicans, but much clearer. Finally the day to leave for Trinidad came on August 1st. I decided to go by myself so I can learn about the country, spending time with old friends and family. It was a personal visit; it had been eighteen years since I returned home. It felt like a reunion with a loved one. I was up for two days counting down the time until my trip. The night before my flight it felt like the night before the first day of high school, I was so anxious for the day to begin. I planned my outfit and was very serious getting about ready for my trip. My dream finally came true because, although I have a lot of relatives in Trinidad, I'm closest to my grandmother and it has been four years since I last saw her. The excitement was rushing through my veins. I was set to go and my eyes were blood shot red from the lack of sleep the past two days. It was time to escape my hectic work-filled days in Spring Valley and enter a new relaxed environment of a tropical paradise for one whole month. I took off at 5:00 pm and took a much needed nap during the five hour flight.
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