Existence of an Enemy in "Animal Farm"

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“Animal Farm” takes place over a few years, depicting the fall of the Russian monarchy, and the rise of socialism. Throughout the epic, an enemy of the farm always exists. Occasionally, this adversary changes rapidly and drastically. There are two sides to why an enemy never ceases to exist in “Animal Farm”; these include the principles on which Animal Farm was founded on, and the lack of motivation of the citizen animals on the farm.

To begin with, the principles embodied by the revolution lead to the existence of an enemy, and the unification of the farm animals to revolt against Mr. Jones. The animals never found trouble finding a foe in the beginning. Conversely, when Mr. Jones fled, the animals needed to find a new enemy. Also, in Old Major’s speech, reference to Mr. Jones was explicit, and subsequent revolutionary ideas were founded. Like the character Old Major was based on, Karl Marx also founded his principles upon defying capitalism, and not building socialism as an adequate system. Old Major says, “Only get rid of man, and the produce of our labor will be ours.”(Chapter 1, Page 5). This shows that the revolution was merely a reaction to capitalism, which was represented by Mr. Jones. The rift between the animals, and Mr. Jones fueled them on towards the revolution. The revolution accomplished what it wanted, however the absence of a plan caused the animals to look for an enemy; someone to revolt against. This happened since the whole mindset of the revolution was related to overthrowing Mr. Jones, and fighting against a common enemy.

Unlike capitalism, socialism didn’t allow for the personal motivation or individuality of the citizens of animal farm; moreover the citizens needed to utilize an enemy in order to mot...

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... is founded. These results seemingly correspond with any community. In the French revolution when the Reign of Terror started, and democracy failed to exists, Napoleon became emperor. Like his counterpart Napoleon (animal farm) was a totalitarian tyrant. This shows the human inclination to resort to class categorization, and division by socio-economic class, even in an ‘equal’ socialist society.

All in all, the revolution started out on the wrong grounds, and a plan for an equal future never existed, causing the society to look for a scapegoat. Moreover the lack of motivation of the animals caused the leaders to look for an enemy in order to motivate them. Finally, a power vacuum occurs due to the absence of a common enemy. Furthermore, Orwell successfully conveys his ideas, concerning the relationship of enemies, and their respective societies.

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