Examples Of Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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Society has based various cultural aspects on money. Whether it be through obtaining an education, or what social class you are in, e have been categorized based on the money that we have to our name. Certain aspects make this a positive for communities but for many, it is a hindrance. Within the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald uses his character personalities to elaborate on the idea that not all wealth is good wealth. Affluency in the novel “ The Great Gatsby ”, is the foundation of each character, and goes on to further establish what the author is trying to convey; Money can not truly buy happiness. People were divided into two categories during the prohibition: new money, and old money. Although these categories …show more content…

They had grown up together, and gatsby knew that that woman was meant to be with him. When gatsby went off to war, the two lost touch. but that did not stop gatsby from hold onto his love. Unfortunately the distance was too much for Daisy, and she found another lover by the name of tom. Gatsby was torn by this, and made it his goal to get Daisy back. He bought oodles of expensive things for his home, and filled it with people, booze, and flowers, in hopes of catching daisy's eye. Gatsby is prideful about his money. Although the ways that he has obtained it are less than favorable, he is proud because he knows that it's all going to Daisy. In fact, he boasts abouts it in various ways by telling her that it “took [him] just three years to earn the money that bought it” ( Fitzgerald 90). He wants to show of to Daisy so that she will realize that she made a mistake marrying Tom. Fitzgerald drowns Gatsby in wealth to symbolize the fact that he is often greedy and stubborn. Gatsby has elegant everything. From the “man in England who buys [him] clothes” ( Fitzgerald 92), to the hundreds of people that come to his home, he wants to show that he has it all. Money is gatsby’s superpower, but yet he is so quick to abuse it, and it's not even for his own

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