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How to be Successful in Life As I contemplate my view on a successful life, I cannot help but think about my own life. Just thinking about what my life might look like in the future, is exciting, intimidating, and a little frightening. One of my greatest desires is that I look back over my life with a sense of pride and accomplishment. People tend to measure success by the results that they see. Sadly, many people consider material wealth as the most accurate indicator of a successful person. Although, I believe a successful career is important to a person’s level of contentment and happiness; it is not how I would personally define success. I believe to be successful in life; a person should consider all aspects of their life. Have they…show more content…
Life is a gift, a very complicated gift. It is not easy or even consistently comprehensible. However, I believe life is wonderful with infinite possibilities that can lead to a successful life. Everyone does not have the same view of success. For me, to be truly successful, I desire to have a measure of success in all areas of my life, such as in my career and personal relationships; than to be focused only on money, status, or fame. Money does not automatically make someone happy. If someone bases their definition of success on money and tangibles, they are setting themselves up for a disappointing life. A view of success should be the entire picture of one’s…show more content…
They are always looking for possibilities in all situations. They never stop assuming that there may be a better way of doing things and they never assume that something that has never been done before cannot be done. They have purpose, goals, and a vision which motivates them to keep trying, even when things are not going their way. Their vision is not just about themselves, but it includes all of humanity. The person with only self-interest is nearly always doomed. A self-absorbed person is less than what he can really be and it will lead to atrophy of the body, mind, and soul. Life is meaningless if someone does not contribute something back to society. Successful people are givers and as they live their lives they treat people with dignity and respect. They value people; at work, in the community, their home; and even people they have not met. They are not intimidated by different ways of thinking. Successful people have empathy and compassion, which is evident as they live

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