Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Being banned in states all over the continental united states. Sparking controversy in the youth of america for the past 58 years. Due to its harsh realities of america's past history. And the extreme usage of american “slang” that cause many to remorse at it’s usage. The book covering everything from southern childhood life. Neighborhood relations. The education system. And the extremely tense racial climate. Being incredibly socially aware for it’s time, seems as though it’s written purposely for today events. At first glance To Kill a Mockingbird is all about childhood and realities of growing up. However Lee’s true overarching theme is the subjugation of minorities. With kids in the school yard using minorities as an insult. Minority …show more content…

Still losses due to the racial tensions. In one instance Atticus is explaining to Jem why Tom had lost. “In our courts, when it's a white mans word against a black mans, the white man always wins.” pg. 295. This is explaining how racism can override a court decision. And it shows how even an innocent black man could lose to an at fault white man. All because of a white mans status, just pushing the ideas of racism. Just the fact that a white man, who is guilty in all reality, word was stronger. They’d rather listen and trust him just shows how unequal the rights were, causing prejudice somewhere in the mix. But also the entire court, that’s was testifying for or against him Tom, was entirely white. Not only is it racism because they aren’t giving minorities the rights to even participate in these activities. It’s also causing a divide between the whites and blacks due to there opportunities being stripped. Even when atticus is discussing the case with Aunt Alexander he notes that the jury was prejudiced. “Don't tell me judged prejudice the Jurries” pg. 335. This is poking fun at the fact how the courts were indeed racist. For they were filled with people who were expected to disregard the innocent black man. Which does lead to

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  • Analyzes how lee's book, to kill a mockingbird, is incredibly socially aware for today events. it covers everything from southern childhood life, neighborhood relations, the education system, and the tense racial climate.
  • Analyzes how cecil jacobs uses a derogatory term to instigate problems with scout, in the school yard.
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