Examples Of Physical Attractiveness

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Does Physical Attractiveness Play a Part of Being Successful? Some people may have the interpretation that physical attraction determines how successful you are. Along with that, others discriminate in favor of attractive people. What characteristics and how does physical attraction determine success in life? The two articles, “What is Beautiful is Good” and “I’m Successful Because I’m Beautiful” both explain the connections of physical attraction and success and also share several studies of characteristics of physical attraction and the certain aspects to why and how they matter. “What is Beautiful is Good” written by Karen Dion goes deep in and investigates the physical stereotype in a broad study that looks at how attractiveness affects one’s personality traits are perceived. The study withal visually examines whether physical attractiveness leads to a more preponderant life. Studies perpetuate to fixate on the question of how physical attractiveness affects one’s prosperity in life. Through elements of attractiveness and also gender, body size and age, it is likely that physical allure comes to influence in three separate regions of life and they are popularity, perceptions of performance and social interaction. The point when nearly taking a gander at diverse mulls over about physical engagingness, scientists generally give careful consideration on gender, body size and age as three standard components. Physical presence according to Dion is the peculiar trademark most similar and reachable to others in social cooperation. (“What is Beautiful is Good”) Gender is one range regularly kept tabs on when considering physical engagingness. The results of guys and females regularly contrasted as a result of sex. For instance, in... ... middle of paper ... ...articles share the fact the several studies had to determine the difference of physical attractiveness between men and woman. The articles also came to comparison when talking about certain factors of attractiveness, like the body size and the age. Popularity was a subject in both “What is Beautiful is Good” and “I’m Successful Because I’m Beautiful” articles. It was basically stated in both articles that more popular people are mostly successful. So what if two females are getting interviewed for a job and there’s only one position available? The unattractive female gets the job over the attractive one. Does this mean she won’t be successful through life just by her physical attractions? As stated in “I’m Successful Because I’m Beautiful”, “Physical attractiveness can determine success in life.” Is this what we call discrimination in favor of attractive people?
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