Examples Of Invitation To His Death In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s Invitation to his Murder
The action of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person is known as death. Humans are completely powerless and unable to prevent natural death as it arrives at every individual’s doorstep. Murder, the unlawful and premeditated killing of a human by another however, can be avoided by taking precautions through out one’s personal and social life. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates how the protagonist, Jay Gatsby obliviously invites his own death by committing deeds which lead to his murder. The character’s steps towards the inevitable ending are directly linked with his obsessive relationship with Daisy, his possessive nature and his determination to protect her. Such events are …show more content…

While Daisy drives the car, Gatsby sits by her side and an accident takes place, in which she hits the car into Tom’s mistress, Myrtle. When this takes place, Gatsby quickly takes the blame for hitting the car, as a gesture to protect her from Tom. Gatsby wants to protect Daisy from the world and wants to see her in safe situation at all times. He has unconditional love for her and it continues to grow to the point where he accepts responsibility for actions he never took. Daisy does not accept responsibility for this act, rather lets him accuse himself. Tom is then told that Jay Gatsby is the one who is the cause of the murder, and the individual one ruining the relationship between Tom and Daisy. Being a cause of problems in Tom’s life, Tom goes to his mistress’s husband, George and explains the situation in which Gatsby murdered Myrtle. George, her husband then shoots and kills Gatsby while seeking revenge. He believes that if Gatsby leaves the life of Daisy, all his problems will come to an end and he will be able to live his life as before. Gatsby invites his own murder because in his attempt to protect Daisy, he risks his own life. Gatsby is unaware that his protection for Daisy leads to his own murder. It shows the extent to which he loves Daisy; there is not limit to his love for Daisy, not even his

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