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Gender Stereotype Identity What is meant by Identity? Identity is a universal characteristic of which one can be recognized. One can be recognized by their race, gender, sexuality, family or social class. Identities shape a person that help them get through the journey to their dream and life. Factors like gender and family play a vital role in shaping a person’s individual identity. Gender identity is one’s perception of the activities that is “masculine” and “feminine.” Family identity can be seen in one’s family values and culture. Family plays a vital part in one’s gender identity. In today’s world, Identity is a major part of life, it defines who we are, where we come from. A person’s …show more content…

This still is in many religions and countries, in the south Asia and half world countries. The lifetime of the social level is incredibly lightweight. Back then, females had shorter perfection than the person, at an equivalent time this movement still occur recently, oddly in Muslim countries that are Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab, and Kashmir. There is a unit many countries wherever girls area unit still doing the identical activities like girls within the past century. Gender stereotypes area unit the ways that females area unit approved in quaint ways that and changes wished to be succeeded to boost these stereotypes. It’s uncommon how females aren 't engaging in special activities within the past. If a girls act nowadays, then she will bring her families and society to be a well-organized. So as to reconstruct and revive the gender stereotype, girls should be freelance with nice strength as a result of to be liberal, we tend to cannot bring independence to tug down the …show more content…

However, people created their identity. In the article “What Goes through Your Mind: On Nice Parties and Casual Racism” by Nicole chug, it stated, “Do people ever tell you that you look just like everyone on that show?” According to the lady, every Asian looks alike. She doesn’t compare Chung to an actor in the TV show but tells her that she basically looks alike like every actor on the Fresh off the Boat. This quote indicates that every Asian’s appearance alike. In the story, “Oppressed hair puts a ceiling on the brain” by Alice Walker, it stated on page 1090, “I realized that there was no hope of continuing my spiritual development, no hope of future growth of my Soul, no hope of really being able to state at the universe and forget myself entirely at the start (one of the purest joys!) If I still remained chained to thoughts about my hair.” It means that Alice Walker presented her identity with the article who was she, what 're her thoughts about when she was a student and she did not like her hair. However, once hair starts growing she ought to hope she starts entertained it her place in nice work that “Seed was turning into a plant”. She was making an attempt to clarify that your identity can change reckoning on what you are doing, how you behave and you will not like your identity, nevertheless, you will understand once few moments that it’s been modified and you must try and build

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