Examples Of Ambiguity In Macbeth

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Shakespeare uses his skill in ambiguity to play the idea of an active imagination in an individual and not it affects how they act and feel. Macbeth’s imagination leads him to what he wants the most but also his downfall. Macbeth’s true intentions in the beginning of the play was unknown. Was he being all heroic for the better of Scotland, or was he just doing it all for the titles and names that could go along with it. Macbeth is mesmerized by an imagined future and haunted by his memories of a blood-soaked past. For instance when Macbeth hallucinated dagger that leads Macbeth to Duncan's bedchamber. Macbeth thinks that the murder of the king will be a one-off event, something that can be done and forgotten about. “If it were done when ‘tis

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