Example Of Poor Race Relations

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Today race relations are a huge topic and issue in our country. With social media comes faster ways to spread videos or information showing poor race relations such as racism and discrimination. This issue has led to not only violence but also deaths in our country. Even though we all can see the problems it causes for everyone, discrimination continues to grow stronger and stronger. In “Train to Rhodesia” and “The prisoner who wore glasses” poor race relations are shown between white and blacks, the most common example of poor race relations. Stereotypes, Assumptions, and a feeling of being superior to another race are the root of not only the problems in these two stories, but also in the world today, especially here in the U.S. between white…show more content…
Most whites are quick to judge someone 's honesty and integrity on whether they are black or white. Blacks are often looked upon as thieves, gangsters, thugs, and trouble makers by whites, especially older aged white americans. Almost all of the time this is caused by a feeling of superiority to their race or being extremely prejudiced and racist towards blacks, most often because they were brought up that way. Many whites look at blacks as less than them and not…show more content…
Prejudice and racism are passed down from generation to generation or even spread by the media 's portrayal of white officers and black suspects. People are not open to the idea of changing these ideas, largely because of fear of being wrong or ridiculed. If people could learn to work together like Hannetjie and Brille things could go a lot smoother and both sides would get what they want with no issues. However it seems that racism and prejudice is at a very high and tense point in our country, with both sides not budging on their feelings. This is unfortunate but it is the way it is. Personally I do not judge anyone by their race, but rather how they treat me, act, and treat others. So many are quick to judge merely by someone 's appearance or what they think about them and they do so with no second thought. When the young man in “The Train to Rhodesia” saw the poor, old, and desperate man selling a carved lion that took hours of his time to craft, he decided to play on his desperation and get it for next to nothing at the last second. The less fortunate should never be treated as unequal to anyone but treated with care and respect. Many times whites think blacks and Hispanics are poor, lazy, and wasteful. Whites treat them as an adult treats children, with little equality. Most of the time there is no real evidence of the black or Hispanic actually being poor or wasteful but

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